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Copyright is a legal concept that protects the exclusive rights of creators or owners of original works. A copyright is valid for lifetime. These works can include literature, music, films, photographs, and other artistic creations. Copyright laws ensure that creators can control how their works are used, distributed, and displayed. This can include the right to reproduce, distribute, and perform their work, as well as the right to create derivative works based on the original.

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You can easily protect your copyright with 360° iprotect and get a real proof about the date and content on which your copyright has been created. The procedure of officially registering a creative work is referred to as copyright filing. In order to support the application, the creator usually needs to submit pertinent documentation, like a copy or sample of the work. The aim of this procedure is to produce a reliable record of the existence of the work and the rights of the creator to it.

Get a real proof about the time the copyright was created.

Receive a certificate with a date stamp

Deterrent to infringement.

International protection

Copyright registration can help you commercially exploit your work.

• Eligibility for damages and remedies.

Advantages of registering your copyright

The benefits of online copyright filing include quicker processing times, convenient access to the application form and instructions, and the ability to track the status of your application online. It’s important to note that while copyright protection exists upon creation of an original work, registering your work with 360° iprotect grants you additional legal rights and protections.

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