How a Cereal company made a huuuge celebrity campaign with no budget

Have you heard of surreal cereal? If not, you’re missing out on the latest trends taking social media by storm. The cereal brand is making waves with its latest poster campaign featuring various celebrities such as Serena Williams, Dwayne Johnson and Michael Jordan. But wait, there’s a catch – these celebrities aren’t real! 

Credit: Surreal

A UK-based company called Surreal Cereals provides healthier options to common breakfast cereals. Their goal aim is to offer cereal that is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, sugar, and animal components. However, they were unable to pay a top-tier celebrity to appear in their advertisement, so they devised a cunning method instead.

That’s correct, the individuals depicted on the bizarre billboards aren’t the well-known athletes and celebrities that we know and adore. They were regular individuals with the same name, and Surreal paid them to promote the cereal.

Even though some of these celebrities weren’t cereal fans, the absurd hasn’t prevented them from going viral on social media. In reality, consumers adore the company’s audacious and amusing advertising strategy. It simply proves that you don’t need a huge marketing budget or a roster of well-known brand ambassadors to generate buzz about your business.

The ads have proven a hit on Twitter, with users loving the sheer audacity of the campaign. “What a fresh idea, kudos to the marketing team,” one user comments, while another adds, “Low-budget creative – love it.”

Because the brand used genuine names of persons who did not have their identities registered as trademarks, it was conceivable for a cereal company to use fictitious celebrities in their marketing campaign. By using phrases like “Dwayne is a bus driver in London,” the brand made it abundantly evident throughout the campaign that these were not the real celebrities. This indicated that the names used were common names and not those of real people.

It’s crucial to make clear that the ad used celebrities’ names as part of a clever advertising strategy rather than with the intention of tricking people into believing they were endorsing the product.

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