Trademark monitoring, have an eye on your values

360° iprotect trademark monitoring

Trade mark monitoring – how is my trade mark doing? If you think that most of the trade marks registered at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office fall into the obvious area of shoes and textiles, you are mistaken. In fact, most registered trade marks are found in the field of mundane business organisation […]

i-Depot don’t lose your ideas

360° iprotect i-Depot

I-Depot – so that ideas do not get lost It is often a long way from an idea to its realisation. During this time, good ideas can get lost in two ways. One is that the idea is not or not properly captured and ultimately disappears from the mind. Surely everyone knows the silly feeling […]

The importance of trademark monitoring

360° iprotect The importance of trademark monitoring

A trademark is an important asset of a company’s identification and reputation. They serve as a company’s official representation of its goods, services, and core values, and they provide customers a clear idea of what to anticipate from a specific brand. However, trademark infringement has grown to be a major issue as more companies and […]

What might happen if you have not protected your ideas?

360° iprotect idea filing

You probably have lots of fantastic ideas for any goods or services that you think may succeed as an entrepreneur or business owner. But have you done the essential actions to safeguard those concepts? If not, you run the risk of losing your intellectual property, which is the worst thing that could happen. At the […]

How a Cereal company made a huuuge celebrity campaign with no budget

Have you heard of surreal cereal? If not, you’re missing out on the latest trends taking social media by storm. The cereal brand is making waves with its latest poster campaign featuring various celebrities such as Serena Williams, Dwayne Johnson and Michael Jordan. But wait, there’s a catch – these celebrities aren’t real!  A UK-based […]